Get the most out of your live streams
with our innovative features.

Live encoding - 100% audience reach

Devices, Codecs, Formats enables you to stream live content to any device with the best possible viewing experience.

  • Desktop: Windows, Mac and Linux
  • iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
  • Android 2.2+ enabled devices compatible with Flash Player 10.2
  • Windows Phone 7 enabled devices compatible with WMV and Smooth Streaming

Adaptive Bitrate

Best viewing experience for your audience.

Adaptive Bitrate Live Streaming guarantees your audience the best possible viewing experience, no matter the device or network of each viewer.

Thanks to this technology, you can provide streams in different bitrates. When the user's connection speed varies, the player of each device automatically switches between the streams.

Supported devices:

  • Desktop: Windows, Mac and Linux
  • All Apple Devices - Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • All computers using MS Silverlight Player or Quicktime X player
  • Windows Phone 7 using MS Smooth Streaming Player

Input Source

We support a variety of software and hardware encoding options, enabling you to easily integrate our service into your existing workflow.

Each plan comes with 1 input source, which can be changed to another at any time. This feature is essential if you wish to stream various live events one after another. If you require more than 1 input source at a time, you can add an additional plan through the Stream Manager.


We support the following free software encoders:


We support the following hardware encoders:

  • Viewcast Encoders (RTMP)
  • Digital Rapids Encoders (RTMP)

If you have another hardware encoder, please use our free trial to test compatibility.


Our service offers live transcoding to all major formats, containers, codecs and protocols.

Live Formats

Streaming Format Delivery
Container Video codec Audio codec
Adobe Flash RTMP Streaming RTMP FLV H264 AAC
Apple HTTP Live Streaming HTTP m3u8 - MPEG2 H264 AAC
Microsoft Smooth Streaming HTTP ismv - MPEG4 H264 AAC
Windows Media Video MMS ASF WMV9 WMA9

Manage live streams

The Stream Manager is an intuitive management tool that allows you to manage and modify your live streams in realtime.


Preview the quality of your live streams within the Stream Manager before publishing them.


We provide you with pre-configured settings, optimized for each format, codec and device. Additionally you can define the bitrate (quality) for each output stream yourself. This gives you the flexibility to adapt each stream to its target audience.

Start / Stop

With the Stream Manager you have full control over your input and outputs. Within seconds you can start and stop your live streams in realtime.


If you need additional plans, you can instantly purchase them in the Stream Manager.


Our service is fully compatible with CDN Geo Restriction and Token Systems, which guarantees the security of your content.


Our flexible Pay-as-you-go payment option allows you to change your live transcoding plan on a monthly basis. We accept all major credit cards.
For payments exceeding credit card limits, please contact us at

CDN Delivery

We are in the process of integrating major CDN providers. In our next release in September, our plans will also include CDN delivery service. You'll have the option to continue using your existing CDN account, or contract and manage everything within the Stream Manager.

Free Trial

You don't need a CDN account to set up your Free Trial of


Existing EdgeCast clients:
Simply enter your account information in the Stream Manager to start delivering your live streams via your existing EdgeCast account.

New clients:
Get in touch with EdgeCast to set up your account.


We’ve designed our service so that it’s simple to set up and easy to manage. In addition we provide you with access to our extensive documentation that will answer any questions you have. For clients who require additional support, we’ve created Advanced and Premium Support plans which you can select during the sign up process.

Knowledge Base

All plans include access to FAQs and our Knowledge Base.


The Advanced Support gives you access to our Support Ticketing System. We guarantee a response time within 3 hours during our office/support hours.

Office/support hours (excluding public holidays):

8am - 6pm (BST/GMT)

Our platform is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and we are available to resolve any performance incidents which affect service availability, quality or service. is not responsible for any capture or encoding issues which occur on remote servers and are excluded from the Service License Agreement. Network issues which occur in customer facilities are also excluded from the Service License Agreement.


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