100% audience reach

Deliver your live content to any device and drastically expand your audience reach. LiveTranscoding.com provides you with a solution that’s always up to date with the latest formats, codecs and devices, giving you the flexibility to add and remove output formats in line with your live streaming needs.

Optimized settings

Codecs, formats and devices are constantly updated with new functionalities, so finding the best setting for each one has become a time consuming task. Our streaming experts always follow the latest industry trends so we can provide you with the best setting for each combination. You can fine-tune these pre-configured settings through the Stream Manager.

Pay-as-you-go is cost effective & flexible

Quit worrying about unflexible and expensive long-term transcoding investments. Our Software-as-a-Service model allows you to upgrade and downgrade your service on a monthly basis.

Save on upload bandwidth

Our service will reduce your upload bandwidth by up to 7 times. For example, you can target Flash, WM and Smooth enabled devices in 3 qualities (2Mbps, 1.2Mbps, 0.5Mbps), and iOS devices in 3 qualities (1.5Mbps, 0.8Mbps, 0.3 Mbps). A hardware solution would total 13.7 Mbps of upload bandwidth, compared to just 2.0 Mbps if you use our solution. This is because you only upload the highest quality stream.

NO hardware, software & maintenance

Up until now, only a few content providers could afford the luxury of investing in hardware and staff to maintain it. Now the market is moving faster every day and keeping an inhouse solution up to date has become very costly and time consuming. Our cloud-based live transcoding solution offers a cost effective and flexible alternative for content providers of any size. The service adapts to your live streaming needs, and month by month you can decide which plan suits you best. You can manage your live streams in realtime through our web-based Stream Manager.

Supports new formats & devices

With new devices, codecs, formats and delivery protocols hitting the market every week, one of the biggest challenges when delivering your live content is ensuring it reaches all devices with the best possible user experience. Thanks to our reactive development team, we integrate new formats as soon as they’re launched on the market. That way, you can focus on what’s important - creating great live content that meets changing industry standards.

Go from CAPEX to OPEX

Finally, a live encoding service that will make both your CTO and CFO happy! Move from CAPEX to OPEX and still maintain full control of your live streams. Thanks to our advanced management portal, you can add, edit or remove streams in realtime.

Setup and streaming

Quick and easy setup. Forget about the lengthy process of research, budget approval, ordering, delivery, installation, testing and optimization.